Labor market crisis to be solved with AI

According to Laurens Waling of 8vance, there doesn’t have to be a tight labor market at all. According to him, the solution lies in deep-matching people with AI on skills, even across fields. How 8vance thus helps people navigate from so-called bull shit jobs to more meaningful jobs. He explains why we need to make a fundamental shift in thinking. Why we need a ‘softer system’ in which people dare to make more risky choices. AND how deep-matching with AI can benefit you as a corporate recruiter or HR director.

In the Emerce TV Studio, I Bas Westland explain how AI calculates the probability of switching between occupations. Thanks to #AI a lot more people can see that they are suitable for a particular job, than they already think. AI is great for #recruitment. Not to fire more job campaign spam at people, but to target them personally. “Because you (probably) have these and these skills, you are the ideal candidate for this job.”

#Labor market tightness is now truly a thing of the past. We can now start mobilizing large groups of people to do the right, appropriate and meaningful work. Below you can see an excerpt.

Laurens Waling on LinkedIn

Source: Emerce Recruitment


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