Laurens thinks out-of-the box about social issues. From his one-man business Crowdorganizer he has been involved in numerous (online) participation and change projects in various sectors since 2011. Laurens was also associated with innovation and organizational consulting firm Alares (2004-2014) and was founder of the Cooperatie Part-up (2014-2021). Since 2022, Laurens has been associated as Chief Evangelist and Marketing Director at 8vance and JobLiebe.


As a process and project leader, I manage pioneering triple-helix projects to enable regional shared employment. These are complex transformations, due to the diverse interests, in which my process management and intervention skills come in handy. The creative interactive work forms that I deploy (partly online) come in handy to achieve social impact. With my broad experience in care, welfare, education, government and business, I make cross-sectoral connections and involve new groups.

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